Short Bio:

Kate Fox has made a living as a stand-up poet for ten years. Being funny & Northern is sometimes a help and sometimes a hindrance and she’s doing a PhD about why. Sometimes they let her on Radio 4. Her car radio is tuned to Radio 2. She is currently making #Lass War on the man-heavy Northern Powerhouse. See blog for details.


Longer Bio:

Kate Fox is a writer and a performer with comedy, Northernness and asking awkward questions running through everything she does.

As a stand-up poet she has been in demand at literature festivals across the country.

Her solo comedy shows have toured from the Edinburgh Fringe to the Southbank Centre and been broadcast on Radio 4.

She has undertaken many commissions- from being Great North Run and Glastonbury Festival Poet in Residence to creating pieces for the Great North Passion on BBC1, the Daily Politics Show on BBC2 and “The Verb” on Radio 3.

She is a regular speaker on panels and radio shows and a writer of poems, stories and journalism.

She is two years into a full time PhD at the University of Leeds, looking at class, gender, Northernness and solo stand-up performance and is folding her new research skills into her practice as a comedian and poet, and her poetry and comedy into her research.

She is also an active member of the live literature community and has mentored many writers and performers, facilitated many bespoke writing and performance workshops everywhere from schools to communities and universities and has run and promoted many live literature gigs and projects.

She grew up in Bradford, originally trained and worked as a radio journalist and lives in North Yorkshire with her husband and cocker spaniel.

Some quick links: 

Lass War protest: Some info

Kate Fox in the National Portrait Gallery: Link to Portrait and Blurb about it.

Her two Radio 4 shows on iPlayer: The Price of Happiness

Her book Fox Populi from Smokestack Press: Buy here

A video poem about the importance of tea (commissioned by Yorkshire Festival): Here

A poem ITV filmed before she set off to be Glastonbury Festival Poet in Residence: Here

Do get in touch with gig queries, questions, thoughts, kind words….

One thought on “About

  1. Susi Pitura says:

    I tweeted you earlier – thanks for the reply. I’m an ex pat Hullensian lass, living in Essex. I’m training for the London marathon so saved the podcast (from my old school) as a treat for my long run today. What a treat! I may have been a bit tired/emotional but I genuinely wept at your stirring womanifesto and want to give copies to my nieces and maybe even the girls of St Mary’s College Hull. Happy to discuss how best to distribute so you don’t lose out.
    Thanks for your work!
    Susi Pitura

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