Short Bio:

Kate Fox has made a living as a stand-up poet for ten years. Being funny & Northern is sometimes a help and sometimes a hindrance and she’s doing a PhD about why. Sometimes they let her on Radio 4. Her car radio is tuned to Radio 2.




Long Bio:

Kate Fox is a stand up poet, among other things. She has been a Poet in Residence on Radio 4’s Saturday Live, Glastonbury Festival and the Great North Run. Her solo shows include “Poet in Residence”, “The Starting Line” and “Kate Fox News”, performed at venues including the Southbank Centre, Ilkley Literature Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe. She has been commissioned to perform poems for BBC1, BBC2, Radio 3 and many Radio 4 shows. She’s 41. She’s totally okay with this, yes sirree. (Okay, she’s adjusting). 1975, the year of her birth, so good they named a band after it.

Publications include “Fox Populi” from Smokestack Books and “We Are Not Stone” from Ek Zuban Press as well as the “Makin News Mysteries”, topical comic crime novellas co-authored with Alfie Crow. A new collection will be published by Burning Eye Books next summer. She originally trained as a radio journalist, in which she has a Post Grad Diploma,  and is a generally good writer of all sorts of things. She likes the idea of a writer as a translator between worlds and genres.  She was a weekly columnist for Newcastle’s Journal newspaper for four years until they offered her the chance to continue doing it for free.

She’s won the Andrew Waterhouse Award from New Writing North, an Arts Council Time to Write an award and a K Blundell Trust grant from the Society of Authors, as well as the Cheltenham Science Festival Slam, City of Culture Slam and been runner up in the BBC Radio 4 National Slam (By 0.1 point- apparently it’s not necessary to mention this…).

She has taught and facilitated for the Arvon Foundation, First Story, Creative Partnerships and New Writing North. She loves working with young people and has mentored a few writer/performers including Rowan McCabe, and Amy Mackelden. She admires teachers for their stamina and having had to put up with Michael Gove.

Radio 4 broadcast her two half hour comedy shows “The Price of Happiness” in May 2015 and has commissioned two more which will be broadcast in summer 2017. They’re mostly stand-up comedy because of how she panicked that the Arts Council would no longer have money to fund poetry and did a stand up show about not wanting children which was spotted by Radio 4’s then comedy commissioner. She loves doing  (some) stand up comedy gigs. She also loves the intimacy of radio and though doing more telly might mean more people will come to her gigs she’s secretly quite glad to be anonymous.  She originally trained as a radio journalist and worked at Metro Radio and Galaxy Radio in Manchester and Newcastle where she was often told she sounded too Northern (read, common) to be a newsreader.

She is currently two thirds of the way through a PhD in the School of Performance and Cultural Industries at Leeds University. It’s a practice-based doctorate looking at class, gender and Northern English regional identity in solo stand up performance. She recently won a Graduate Student Award from the International Society of Humor Studies.  She loves social theory driven ethnographic research and discovering that there is life after post modernism after all (She became a bit obsessed with this during her under grad degree and it probably explains all sorts of things). The fact that it’s practice-based means that her ongoing work as a writer and performer is part of what she studies (though she’s also done 25 interviews with Northern English comedians and poets).

Her usual website is currently broken which is why she’s converted her blog into a temporary replacement. Here are some handy links to other things:

The two Radio 4 shows on iPlayer: The Price of Happiness

My book Fox Populi from Smokestack Press: Buy here

A video poem about the importance of tea (commissioned by Yorkshire Festival): Here

A poem ITV filmed before I set off to be Glastonbury Festival Poet in Residence: Here

Do get in touch with gig queries, questions, thoughts, kind words….

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