Not blogged for a while-mainly due to extreme busyness, though I did do a post last week in a rare spare minute that got lost due to a recalcitrant computer connection.

I miss setting things down though. What’s happening with this placement thing? On a practical level, I’ve delivered a draft writer’s manifesto based on my conversations with writers and am working on creating a pilot mentoring scheme for writers working with young people. Also going to deliver some draft guidelines for writers working with young people, and am still facilitating a young writers group and using them as guinea pigs for ways I/NWN might work with young people in the future.

So, lots. But actually I think the placement is impacting everything else I do and making it bigger, or exaggerated somehow.

For example, I’d thought for a while that setting myself up as a company so I could run gigs, apply for project funding and sub contract surplus work (particularly writing and performance workshops) to other writers would be a good thing. Now, it seems more imperative and a responsibility. It seems a great vehicle to do the practitioner as leader thing. I was even more convinced after meeting the amazing performance artist Bobby Baker on Saturday Live. She seems perpetually busy too but has a company that supports both her own work and her outreach sort of work.

And, that’s the other part of my work that is being exaggerated. The me bit. Partly because I don’t want it to get drowned amongst everything else, partly because I recognise that supporting your individual practice is equally as important on the “Cultural leader” front (How often I return to that phrase- as if needing that tag to confer legitimacy on what I’m doing).

I’m previewing my show “The Rules of Engagement” at the Live Lit conference at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal in June (well, a 15 minute excerpt) and have been doing some mini previews this week and will be going down to Arc in Stockton in a few days to show a final version to it’s “critical friend” Annabel Turpin.

I also did another telly thing on St George’s Day on BBC2’s Daily Politics and have an appearance coming up on BBC2’s Chelsea flower show coverage (with Alan Titchmarsh! eek!) and am pondering how to convey the “irreverent poet” that the Humber Mouth festival is billing me as when I do a topical poetry gig for them in June, alongside the “Here’s some lovely flowers” thing I imagine the flower show folks may hope for.

Plus there’s some great school projects ongoing in which I learn lots of things every time I do them.

So, at the minute, I’m like a squirrel frantically gathering many nuts in hope I’ll get to hibernate in the autumn. (er…possible inaccurate biological detail there)

2 thoughts on “Swirling”

  1. Hello Kate!

    Good luck for your Chelsea Flower Show gig tomorrow! Hope you have a great time there.

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