Whodunnit? the disappearing writer

I must blog this before I forget it. I had a great morning’s conversation with Tony Harrington from the Forge, arts in education and producing organisation in the North East today.

I went to talk about mentoring schemes for artists but what we talked about touched on everything around my placement. Two big revelations; where it clicked for me that the reason I think my values tally exactly with Creative Partnerships is that I get act according to my values when I work for them. By a sort of process of projection I’ve sort of thought “They’re therefore like me”. Typical narcissistic artist, absorbing everything into me-ness. Actually, they explicitly value educational attainment as a key measure of success. I value the ability to speak and hear, to think and be quirky, to connect and be truthful. As an organisation, they may help facilitate this- but they’re one of the government organisations who believe in art for education’s sake. Explicitly at least.

Also, still thinking about writer’s lack of collectivism (apparently felt makers have good groups in Northumberland…well, they would stick together…boom, boom.); randomly me having a “Manifesto” wouldn’t go down so well perhaps, but I do want to speak what isn’t so often said re writers in education. I’ve got two opportunities coming up- an Artsmark conference in Newcastle and the NAWE national conference. I want to talk about why writers go into schools, how they embrace chaos and can help schools do so, and how writers disappear at vital stages of lots of projects…but they should be coaxed back (for example-having writers not write is a disappearance of a writer I think).

Somehow I want to put those things coherently. And continue with the random institution of “Write a Poem about the News Day”. Next Wednesday, as part of the Humber Mouth Festival.

Still a bit too much to think about, but I’m usually better busy. And looking forward to pilot young people’s writing groups over the summer. An actual outcome to study. Action research. And chatting to interesting young folk about writing. And doing my own. Writeness visible and that.