Leeds and Leads

At the start of my associateship with NWN I had grand ideas about how online networks would be the way to work with young writers sustainably. For various reasons this stopped being my focus- though I still felt it. Today, a sort of relief, as I near the end of my placement. The dynamic Wes Brown, founder of The Cadaverine online mag for Under 25s is being employed (by NAWE as I understand it, tho the project comes after Arts Council Yorkshire’s report on provision for young writers) to create a Hub- an online resource for young writers. Connecting the North East’s young writers with this & the wider writing world view offered by the Cadaverine would be a good, sustainable act. And then, over to the IT natives I intuited would arrive eventually. As I tap, laboured, on the iPhone I’ve finally managed to sync with WordPress. Young writers? They’re the future. Literally. But it has to be theirs. Claire’s idea of a future residency from an Under 25 sounds spot on. I’m an inbetween. Borderer. Bridger. Mediator. As all writers are ultimately.

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