Boris Bike Poem

start as I mean to go on…there’ll be a new news poem here every day during the festival. I did this for Radio 4’s Saturday Live. Then, “You and Yours” had asked me to try the new rental bikes in London from the perspective of someone coming from outside the city to try them casually. So I went after Saturday Live to Southwark to try one out. Having not been on a bike since I was 19 at Uni, I wobbled precariously as I started off, under the eye of the radio producer, the head of Transport for London, their press office and a man who drove vans for the X Factor. Still, I can report the bikes are chunky, a bit heavy and everyone wants a go at them. Much like their champion…;

Rent a bike

be like Boris,

wind in your hair,

reciting odes from Horace.

Escape jealous lovers

the press,

get fit

reduce stress.

See London’s sights,

beat traffic lights.

Hail Boris well met

don’t forget your helmet.

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