Daily News Poem 4 and blog

See, not a good habit to get into, missing a day already.

I did the show- which went well and I relaxed into it more. Greeted the audience instead of walking on to my music theatrical style, added more comedy in.

Had a bit of angst first. All those bits of nicely crafted stand up I’ve taken out. The way I have only just got the story sorted, so haven’t added in spontaneous funny bits.  The dilemma over whether to just do a show of funny and newsy poems, or a crafted live literature show. It would have been easier to do the other show. But I didn’t. Choice made now. And it’s a good show when the balance of comedy and poetry is at it’s most acute. I need to keep an eye on it. Had thought of trying to get a comedy doctor. Then realised I could do it. Complete with bendy stethoscope.


I need several stars

for my career to thrive

yesterday I got two and then three,

hurrah, that makes five!

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