Day six

Am happy to have a nice review from Three Weeks (see below).

Am happy that my Flexee leggings, as seen on Gok Wan’s How to Look Good Naked gave my dress a better line and were comfortable.

Am happy that two women who said they came to Edinburgh to see strong female performers, then saw lots of blokes and got a bit disillusioned, said I’d made their festival.

Am happy that the cafe at the bottom of the street does good bacon butties.

Am happy that I’m now playing about with the show a bit more and felt like I took today’s big laughy audience on a bit of a rollercoaster of feelings.

Am happy that I did a set at Utter at the Banshee Labyrinth on Niddry Street last night and the venue seems to be thriving as a hub of free spoken word.  Was lovely to see Tim Wells and Richard Tyrone Jones and Steve Larkin again after gaps of a few years, and to meet poets like Mab Jones and Cat Brogan who I’ve only previously met on Facebook.

Am glad that my earplugs worked last night and I slept better. Silicon ears are the way forward. Though they’ve not yet been tested by the Tattoo which recommences tonight.

Kate Fox News

Kate Fox

News just in… Kate Fox is very good at what she does. A poet and stand-up comedian, Fox has blended the two trades and come up with a humorous and engaging retelling of her life. Raised by swingers during the Thatcher era, she witnessed the burning of the ‘Satanic Verses’ as she eloped with a gunrunner and worked at a radio station which accidentally played ‘What took you so long’ when the Queen Mum died. There were some laugh out loud moments but I spent the majority of the show simply marvelling at her quirky command of the English language and enthralled by her tales. Whether you’re a poetry lover or not, Fox is a wonderful storyteller and this is a gem of a show.

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