August 17th; Daily News Poem

Inside a heckler’s head

I just want to join in,

be in a double act,

I’ll be the Morecambe to your Wise,

just let me interact.

I’ll shout out the end of your joke,

tell you what I had for tea,

it shouldn’t just be about you,

it could also be about me.

I’ll be your unpaid gag writer,

you don’t need to ask me twice.

“Get off”, “Get your tits out”, “Get on with it”,

I’m just offering some advice.

I don’t even need a microphone

I’m loud enough to shout,

I know you were enjoying my contribution

until those bouncers threw me out…

Edinburgh notes;

I still regret putting stand up comedian on the flyer as another reviewer reviewed it as stand up and not poetry.

Nicholas Parsons is a legend. 87 and still going strong. He is a stand up comedian partly too. Loved doing his chat show. He also gave me two packets of Smarties.

Am then meeting another legend on Thursday; Arthur Smith. Doing a poem on his show which is recorded at 12 at the Pleasance Courtyard. My show starts at 12.15 at the Gilded Balloon. I’m in training already for the mad dash.

I’ve had a lovely picnic and a lovely curry with friends who came to see the show and were unfailingly supportive and flyer-ready. Two of this week’s flyerers have been a Lib Dem candidate and a PR man for the Audit Commission. Quietly spoken public sector chaps are very effective flyerers it turns out.

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