August 20th; Fringe Pimp

Fringe Pimp

My husband sells me on the street
he is the perfect spouse,
when he’s not pimping me to strangers,
he’s papering the house.
He takes care of washing, cooking
and sorting out the bills
and spends the month letting others benefit
from my oral skills.

Fringe notes;

Audiences increasing generally. Apparently some came in because I was in the Telegraph yesterday. Possibly why more sympathy to Margaret Thatcher than usual. But nonetheless a very warm, lovely audience.

Still recovering from the mad run from recording Arthur Smith’s radio show at the Pleasance Courtyard, to my show, which went up a bit late yesterday. Giving the audience ear plugs for loud music and Emo Phillips deciding he wanted to be recorded in a particular  venue, plus more audience than anticipated all contributed to an agonising tick down of the clock. My most helpful husband kept the audience entertained though and I used one of his devices in my show today; asking the audience about their own personal news.

Also today, after another nice spoken word gig at Utter at the Banshee Labyrinth, I added in some of my little iPhone ukulele pieces that I really enjoy doing and audiences seem to like. Plus, an old stalwart poem Small Girlfriends, which I suspected might find a place in the show one day. And for now, I’ve cut the long news poem that finished the show previously; it feels too good not to use, but at the same time, seems to distance me from the audience at a time when I could still be chatting nicely to them. Quite a big change for the show, but it worked so well I feel I’m onto something.

Was nice to have comedians laughter in the audience today. Sarah Millican and Gary Delaney are exceedingly funny humans, but also generous with their laughter.  Then me and Sarah went and had Oreo milkshakes and I felt reassured that me and Alfie aren’t the only fringe couple who feel that naps and cups of tea and nice telly are a good way to get through the busyness and madness of the festival.

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