Fringe Fatigue-Haiku

Fringe Fatigue Haiku

By show twenty two,

not  even got the strength to

finish my fringe Hai…

The show went a bit awry for a couple of days at the weekend. An experiment in asking the audience for their news and making a news poem on the spot is something that might work if set up better, but at the moment formed a bit of a distraction to the flow of the show.

It’s good to try things out. Maybe less so when an audience is paying eight or nine quid to see you do it. At the weekend I seemed to lose a bit of connection with the audience, but by yesterday it was back.

I went to a talk about other Fringe Festivals around the world. Adelaide sounds lovely.  Also Prague, where I’ve performed with the Poetry Vandals in 2004/5 and where it struck me would be a great place to bed in a new show next year. The autism one. Which I know I’ll struggle over whether to put in comedy or theatre. I suppose, as long as I aim to be clear it’s not stand up comedy, and may contain some unfunny poems (How about a warning sticker “May Contain Unfunny Poems” will that be subtle enough?) Audiences have seemed okay, in fact, often warm, to what I’m doing. I suppose they already have an idea of what they might be in for. Stand up comedy reviewers less so.

In the flat, there’s been a toilet paper shortage, chocolate surplus and mourning for the end of Celebrity Masterchef.

I recommend the antipasti thing they do at the Book Festival cafe, and continuing to see the new raft of spoken word shows at the Banshee Labyrinth. I’d love to see Tim Crouch’s The Author, Daniel Kitson’s Traverse Show and Northern Stage’s Apples, but probably won’t. See them for me if you get chance.

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