Undaily News Poem; 26th August

Bin Maiden

Rubbished on YouTube,

condemned on Twitter,

Mary Bale’s been berated

for making kitty litter

Edinburgh notes;

Not keen on judging things, but was asked to judge Utter’s Got Talent and enjoyed beat poetry from Young Dawkins, a couple of Chemical Poets, a DNA poet, a Dead poet and many other good wordsters. I still haven’t gone and done a circuit of the Gilded Balloon bar in appropriate networking stylee. I am rubbish.

Alfie did flyer Becky from Corrie today though. He said she said she heard me on radio 4. This is the most impressive news of the day. She’s a rare cast member who can act at the moment.

Today’s audience filled the front row. And that was it. Second lowest audience since the horrible Thursday at the start of the run. But this was lovely. I asked everyone’s names and we all chatted a bit and the show still had some big laughs and sad bits in it. Not sure if there’ll be any audience for the rest of the three shows now though. Seems quiet around here. Nice Telegraph review and Arthur Smith show don’t seem to have thrown more folks in. Only a flyering team would do that. Oh, impossible luxury.

Very looking forward to going home, to sea, to rest, to something like normality. Also looking forward to seeing Sarah Millican’s show tomorrow night. Would also have liked to see her fellow Fosters Comedy Award nominee Josie Long, but I’ve seen less here than I would in the five days I’ve come up for in the past. Doing it’s different to seeing it I suppose.

I’m still a bundle of what ifs and buts about the show. Theatre section v comedy section, simpler show, more complex show. Still. Did what I did. Sarah M’s response to this was that her Mum says if she had a cock she’d be her Dad. Quite.

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