The Maths

The Maths



I added up the females on a bill,

they said I was unreasonable and over the top,

my problems would multiply

if I didn’t stop.


Number the women-

the smaller the amount,

you’re seeing what happens when we don’t count.


Count like maths teachers insane on Algebra,

Count like Dracula in his coffin,

Count like an abacus, like Carol Vorderman

Count like a mathematical Boffin.


It’s maths that even I can do,

females equal one in two.

Challenge the social long division,

expect support, expect derision

But in parliament and company boards,

on TV and on the radio,

the rule and not the exception

would be a fifty- fifty ratio.


This is the way to count;

add up the women you see and hear.

Then factor in the ones you can’t

to ensure they don’t disappear.


I made my maths public,

and was accused of asking for a token,

but an even bigger sum

would be the cost of not having spoken


I am no Pythagoras,

I’m more excited by cake than Pi,

but when equality fails to add up,

I’m going to keep asking why.


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