Do You Know These Authors Who “Divide their Time”?

(Commission from The Verb on Radio 3 about writers who “divide their time” usually between cultural capitals).

Craig McUrgent is a Booker prize winning novelist who divides his time between London and a peasant village in the Auvergne where he dines simply on good bread, wine and stories about his time guest lecturing at Harvard.

David Conspiracy, thriller writer, divides his time between his iPhone and his increasingly irate husband.

His next project “My Digital Rehab” will be written from a small monastery in Tibet and sent to his publisher via homing eagle.

Anthropologist and Times columnist Justinian Malfoy divides his time between being a late anthroposcene era human and a mountain goat called Trevor. He believes that Being Animal tells us everything we need to know about Being Human and that people would be surprised at how delicious turnips actually are.

Performance poet Kai Artistry divides his time between a canal boat and his flat in Dalston. Like his words, he is unmoored and flowing, whilst also being conveniently located within Zone Two.

Stacey Drystone is a romantic novelist who divides her time between Bolton and Wolverhampton since the divorce and is soon to publish a side project titled “The Possibility of Love in the Service Stations of the M6”.

Photographer and commentator Terry Creepy divides his time between Florida and Thailand because he really likes Asian street food, honestly.

Tapani Peloton is a Scandinavian designer and author who divides his time between Stockholm and his family’s summer island in the North Sea. Their book “Sissu for Sissies” details the latest Scandi-lifestyle phenomenon in which people are encouraged to just get on with their awful lives, whilst occasionally killing a bear.

Actor and debut novelist Reece Upstart divides his time between Sunderland and Los Angeles, because one day Martin Scorsese will definitely answer the door.

Chronologist and contrarian Tamara Certain, divides her time into days, hours, minutes and seconds and suggests that authors should do the same.

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