A Small DVLA-inspired Poem: Stuck in the Mud


We have clearly muddied the waters

that is, they are no longer clear

because of the mud

it’s not that we’ve muddied them

which then somehow caused them

to run clear

that is, drivers, look, our use of language

is so excellent

that although we used to say you should notify us

of an Autism Spectrum Disorder

at the same time as that you should only notify us

if it affected your driving,

then changed it without telling anyone

to say that you should inform us

if you had an Autism Spectrum Disorder,

then got so much flack

that we changed it back,

we want you to have confidence

in how we steer language

as if it is a car being driven

safely and confidently inside the speed limit

and not like a rusty old ship

stuck in the mud,

where people still say “Disorder” instead of “Condition”,

or the clearly muddied waters

which are really quite hard

to see anything in,

anyway, hope that’s all perfectly clear now;


2 thoughts on “A Small DVLA-inspired Poem: Stuck in the Mud”

  1. for the 13 March show.Great to see you doing and writing so we.Sorry not responded- just busy trying to stop the Govt fucking everything up .Joan O7743920359


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