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I’ve run everything from one off writing workshops to poetry slam competitions and big projects like the Great North Passion for BBC1 (pic below) where I devised and performed a poem with a group of secondary school students from South Shields. I believe in the power of unlocking participants voices with games, exercises and opportunities to share their work which build their confidence through playfulness and collaboration. I’m particularly proud of the three annual anthologies I produced with Feversham College in Bradford as part of First Story’s writers in schools residencies.



Kate is a breath of fresh air. She brings life, creativity and energy to a situation. She has the ability to work with any group and is able to facilitate a creative learning process with even those most challenging to reach (adult or young person). Kate has worked with me on a number of projects, most recently a national slam poetry project with both a primary and secondary school group of young people. Kate inspired, motivated and energised students, also and importantly, those staff involved with the work
to explore new ways of working to create wonderful written and performed poetry. Kate created a safe environment for the groups to have ideas, explore new techniques and perform. This only happens with a great facilitator. Kate’s own work is engaging, humorous and often provoking. It’s not often that you find a talented practitioner, who can be sympathetic to the context in which they are working and facilitate in such a way that those involved ultimately control

Katy Milne, Arts and Creative Learning Director Greenfield School



Kate Fox has worked with The Poetry Society on several occasions, most recently for a residency at a school in Sunderland as part of the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award. Her communication with us, the school and the pupils was excellent, with the teacher commenting that “Kate was able to show them [pupils] how much fun poetry can be, but also the range of techniques they can use to make the mundane or trivial exiting and energetic”. She was flexible, and adapted quickly to the changing needs of the schools between workshops.

Ruth Smith, Education Officer, The Poetry Society
Kate conducted engaging, creative and interactive workshops that inspired imaginative poetry and fostered a love of learning in the range of students she worked alongside.  Pupils spoke of enjoying the varied tasks, and the humour and warmth in which they were delivered.  There was never a dull moment, and the work produced by students as a result of the workshop was of an extremely high standard.

Helen Burns. Senior Teacher, Kingsmeadow School, Gateshead


I have worked with Kate Fox on several events including performances and workshops with young people.  Within a relatively short time, Kate is able to draw out latent skills within people and turn them from a shy, unwilling participant into a confident writer and performer.  As well as being an excellent and accomplished performance poet in her own right, Kate can use a vast array of tools, skills and techniques to encourage workshop participants to aspire to the same level. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kate as a workshop leader; and her ability, creativity and tenacity always ensure a positive result is achieved with all young participants.

Kate Staines, Development Officer (Arts and Leisure) Hambleton District Council

Thank you so much for your talks and workshop for our Reading Week and World Book Day celebration. I have had wonderful comments about your visit from staff and pupils. To keep Year 10 entranced for two sessions was something in itself-not to mention performance poetry in Chapel! Thank you again.

Freya Swan, Head of English Durham School (Private School in County Durham)

Kate Fox Children Poetry

Kate’s approach as a writer and educator is truly inspirational. She is responsive to the needs of her students, reflective about her own practices and those of others, and sincere in her passion for broadening young people’s minds.  In her three years of working with First Story, Kate has supported over 100 students to value writing not only as an artform but also as a means of self-expression that enables them both to find their own unique voices and to inspire others. With her support, her students have won multiple awards and secured significant acclaim. Kate possesses great humility and the integrity of her approach serves to inspire the same level of engagement from her students. She is also a huge amount of fun, and gives students an understanding of the joy of writing through her playfulness and openness. Kate has been a paragon writer-in-residence for First Story, and we feel incredibly lucky to work with her.

Emily Webb, Head of Programmes, First Story


Some of the educational projects I’ve been involved with. I’ve also done lots with Primary Schools – particularly Years 5 and 6- but this is a list of work I’ve done with over 11s: 




Type of Workshop

Poetry Society/Castle View


May 2016 General creative writing/performance poetry with two Year 8 groups
First Story/Feversham College, Bradford


Every two weeks 2013-2016 Creative writing with a writing group aged mostly 11-15- producing annual anthology.

Plus one-off workshops with Year 7

Plus one week of two workshops daily during summer residential.

South Shields Library September 2015 Creative writing/performance workshops with three (Year 7-9) school groups culminating in a performance
Books on Tyne Festival/Washington Library October 2015 One off creative writing/performance workshop for Year 9s ending with a performance of work
Hambleton District Council/Northallerton School


October 2015 One off creative writing/performance workshops with two year 9 groups ending with a performance of work in whole school assembly
Poetry Society/Kingsmeadow School, Gateshead


May 2015 3 full day workshops with Year 7s, then 8s, then 9s. Varied writing and performing activities.
Durham School April 2015 Creative writing/performance workshops with three (Year 7-10) school groups plus my own performance
BBC/Dyke House School,Sunderland


Autumn 2014 10 performance/writing workshops culminating in performances of a group poem in Hartlepool to commemorate the town’s bombardment in World War 1 (Broadcast live on local radio)
BBC/Cultural Spring/South Shields Community College


Spring 2014 10 performance/writing workshops with group of 16 students aged 12-15 culminating in performances of a group poem about South Shields live on BBC1

as part of the BBC’s Great North Passion project

Northern Children’s Book Festival/Heworth Grange School-Farringdon School November 2014 2 workshops for Year 7-9 students, writing and performing poems
York Literature Festival February 2014 10 performance workshops in 10 schools

culminating in Poetry Slam competition at York Literature Festival which I compered and performed at

Greenfield School, Newton Aycliffe


Autumn 2013 “Slam It” project

7 performance/writing workshops with Years 7-9 culminating in a whole school poetry slam (which I compered)

Apples and Snakes/Greenfield School


Summer 2012 10 workshops as part of the national “Shake the Dust” Poetry Slam competition- working with Year 8s to create a competition piece
Manchester Children’s Book Festival Summer 2011 7 workshops with Year 9 students in 2 different schools, getting them to write and perform poems and then act as “Tweeters in Residence” for the book festival
Apples and Snakes/New Writing North Summer 2010 10 workshops as part of the national “Word Cup” Poetry Slam competition- working with Year 8s to create a competition piece
New Writing North 2009 Cultural Leadership Placement (Year long placement with this Newcastle based literature development organisation): This involved leading a weekly writing group for children aged 11-15 and reporting on good practice in how writers work with young people.
Creative Partnerships 2007-10 I led several projects mainly with students in Years 7-10 (But also including Years 5/6 in Primary schools) based around writing and performance. Many culminated in final performances of work which I organised and compered.






NOT the social anthropologist. Though confusingly I did an ethnographic PhD.

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