I successfully defended my PhD in February 2018. As people now point out, with visions of a former Pepsi chart DJ in their head “You’re now Dr Fox!”. I did my PhD in three years while working as a poet and performer throughout. It’s not an obvious path for a stand-up poet (Though Creative Writing PhDs are increasingly common- this wasn’t that) but basically my brain was bored. I love research and want to do more of it, particularly in the areas of neurodivergence and comedy. Here’s a short video clip giving a gist of my research/performance style: You Tube Link

UPDATE: My PhD is now online here. Highlights; Chapter One- a new definition of stand-up. How does it straddle art and business and folklore? Definition of Humitas. Chapter Two- Northern Englishness and stand-up. How stereotypes about both, help overcome each other. Chapter Three- gender and stand up. Stand up as unruly woman, female trickster or scholar. Chapter Four- using my own practice as a case-study. How do you and an audience move between different positions in comedy (and in workshops)? Is it resistance, if so, how? The thesis sometimes takes the form of a dialogue- with an interrupting, comedic voice pointing out the limitations of academic monologue.

I have publications in Comedy Studies Journal (Here and Here) a Routledge Book chapter about representation in comedy edited by Helen Davies and Sarah Ilott ( Link) and a chapter on humitas in “Comedy and Critical Thought” published by Rowman and Littlefield. (Here). I help run the Mixed Bill symposiums on comedy and gender. Our next one is on comedy and power and takes place at Sheffield Hallam on 9th/10th November. (Mixed Bill CFP)

My PhD title is “Stand Up and Be (En)Countered: How do I (and others) articulate and resist class, gender and Northern English regional identities in solo stand-up performance. I took an ethnographic approach- interviewing 25 Northern English stand-up comedians and stand-up poets about their experiences of articulating and resisting these things in their performances and as a participant observer writing about stand-up gigs, performers and audiences. As it’s a practice-based PhD, I also made  new pieces of work. The main one is a stand-up comedy and poetry show in the form of a performance auto-ethnography (Me and theorists including Mintz, Gilbert and Friedman would argue that lots of stand-up performance is closely allied to auto ethnography already). I also looking at my own recent Radio 4 commissions- particularly my show about not wanting children and my show about not wanting to be middle-class. Bourdieu’s ideas on embodied cultural capital and Bev Skeggs’ development of them in relation to working class women are particularly relevant to my work.

I used my research methods which could sometimes blend interviews with creative forms like poetry and comedy, to create poems for Hull 2017/City of Culture’s Evaluation report. They’re here (in lovely, illustrated form): Link

I sporadically wrote a research blog: Here

This is my page at the University of Leeds: Here

A piece I wrote for The Conversation about how the battle still isn’t won for female comics at the Edinburgh Fringe: Here.

Piece I wrote for the sociologists Emma Jackson and Claire Biddles’ blog about my voice in  the imaginary North- a crucial topic in my research. Lots of Planets Have a North


  • Voicing Hull, a performance paper about my Ethnographic poems for the Hull 2017/City of Culture Evaluation Report. Carnival of Invention, University of Brighton, June 2018
  • Resisting the Northern Grotesque: Stand Up and New Northern Imaginaries at Grim Up North? Identities within the North conference, University of Hull, September 2017.
  • Humour as Feminist Praxis, Methodology and Pedagogy. At International Society of Humor Studies Conference, UQAM, Montreal, July 2017.
  • Humitas: An Affective Ideology of Hope, Laughter and Play. MeCCsA conference, University of Leeds, January 2017.
  • Embodied cultural capital: Voice, body, class and resistance in Northern English solo stand-up performance. Mock the Weak conference, Teesside University (at ARC, Stockton). September 2016.
  • A Funny Turn (a performance paper): TaPRA Annual Conference (Popular Performance Group), Bristol University. September 2016.
  • Humitas (in Graduate Student Awards session)- ISHS Annual Conference, Trinity College Dublin, June 2016
  • Humitas: A new word for when humour and seriousness blend- Comedy and Critical Thought conference, University of Kent, May 2016
  • Creative Methodologies and Accidental Ethnographies- Resonances Post Grad Conference, University of Leeds. May 2016
  • Embodied cultural capital, comedy and marginality- British Sociological Association annual conference. Aston University. April 2016
  • Grin Up North- stand up autoethnography performance- Engage York, Public Engagement and Arts Based Research conference-
  • March 2016 “Stand Up and Be En (Countered)” at ISHS conference, Oakland, 2015
  • “A funny way of being reflexive”, Resonances Post Graduate conference, University of Leeds, May 2015
  • “Stand-Up comedy as an Archive of Detritus”, Documenting Comedy conference, Salford, May 2015
  • Embodied cultural capital, stand-up poetry and Northernness at Poetry and Place conference, Goldsmiths University, May 2015.


  • Seminar tutor/lecturer. Performance Perspectives, Level 1 module, University of Leeds. From October 2016-
  • Independent Research Project Tutor, Performance Studies B.A, University of Leeds (Supervising four final year dissertations to successful completion).
  • Associate Lecturer. Performance Processes. Level 3 Module. University of Leeds. April 2016.
  • Seminar tutor/assessor “Contemporary Issues in Arts and Culture” Level 3 module, University of Leeds. October 2015- Working towards Higher Education Academy teaching fellowship.
  • Writer in Residence, Feversham College, (all girls Muslim school, Bradford) delivering workshops and delivering annual anthology of girls work. 2013-20116
  • Associate lectures at Leeds University (Year 1), De Montfort University (Year 1), Newman College (Years 1-3) and Northumbria University (M.A)
  • Arvon course tutoring on Poetry and Comedy course,
  • 2012 Year long Cultural Leadership Programme and Placement at New Writing North-running multiple writing groups and workshops and delivering three papers at the National Association of Writers in Education conference: (“The Disappearing Writer” on the tendency for the writerly role of writers to be erased from educational projects, “Well Versed” on a pilot project where writers collaborated with teachers on creative writing teaching and “Hidden Voices” on using performance poetry in work with marginalised groups.)
  • Writing/performance workshops for Durham Book Festival, Cambridge WordFest, Ilkley Literature Festival, Carte Blanche, HMP Frankland, HMP Styal and several libraries and community projects.
  • Several Creative Partnerships funded projects in schools ranging from a year to three months- leading writing/performance projects.
  • Mentoring performers and writers including: Rowan McCabe for “North East Rising (Arts Council funded show), Amy Mackelden for “Retail” (Bridging the Gap funded show), Sarah Millican (Via New Word Order project- now professional comedian), Jaye Kearney for “One”, Rebecca Moran (for “Into the Wilds” anthology).



  • Leicester Comedy Festival- talk on Queering Northernness with Stand Up and invited panellist discussing comedians as politicians and politicians as comedians. February 2018. (Centre for Comedy Studies and Research) Link
  • Wolverhampton Comedy Festival “Funny Things”- invited panellist and chair on Regional Comedy/Black Country Humour. October, 2017.Link
  • What is Critical/Creative Practice? at the English Shared Futures Conference, University of Newcastle. June, 2017.
  • A Funny Turn: Class and Gender in stand up. Invited Seminar Presenter at Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sunderland. March, 2017.
  • Lots of Planets Have a North, Guest Seminar Presenter at University of Leeds, Performance and Cultural Industries. March 2016.  Video Clip:Here
  • Brunel University- panel on Comedy, Gender and Offence. March, 2017.  Link,



  • “Humitas: Humour as Performative Resistance” in Comedy and Critical Thought: Laughter as Resistance. Eds, Mackenzie, Ian et al. Rowman and Littlefield, 2018.
  • “Is It Because I’m Northern”, article, Chortle comedy website. 2018. Link
  • Standing Up to False Binaries in Humour and Autism: a Dialogue in “Comedy and the Politics of Representation: Mocking the Weak” Eds Davies H and Ilott, S. Palgrave. 2018.
  • “How Stand Ups Construct and Are Constructed by the Northernness Effect”. Comedy Studies, 2018.
  • “Stand Up Comedy as an Archive of Detritus: A stand-up autoethnography”, Comedy Studies 2016.


  • “The Price of Happiness”- four, half hour comedy shows broadcast on Radio 4. Two in June 2015, two in June 2017. The latter two on the topics of class and body image, formed part of the practice for her PhD. (Link to first series: Link)
  • The Journal newspaper, Newcastle. 750 word topical column weekly 2011-2015
  • Smokestack Books “Fox Populi” poetry collection 2013
  • Valley Press “Jagger’s Yurt”, poetry pamphlet 2013
  • Great North Run Culture “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Punner”, 2011
  • New Writing North “Kate Fox News” poetry collection 2010
  • Ek Zuban Press “We Are Not Stone poetry pamphlet
  • 2007 Zebra Publishing “Why I”, poetry pamphlet 2005
  • Anthologies include: “Ten Years On: Northern Award Winners”, New Writing North, Biscuit Competition Prizewinners Anthology, “Into the Wilds”, Ek Zuban.


  • DPhil, Awarded February 2018 from the University of Leeds. I was a full time PhD candidate. holding a Practitioner Processes Scholarship at the School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds. 2014-2018
  • Level 3 Counselling Certificate, South Tyneside College 2009
  • Post Grad Diploma in Radio Journalism, Trinity and All Saints College Leeds, 1998
  • First Class BSc Communication and Media Studies, Loughborough University 1996
  • Grade 1 S Level English Lit, 4 A Grade A Levels, Queensbury School, Bradford 1993

NOT the social anthropologist. Though confusingly I did an ethnographic PhD.

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