I originally trained as a radio journalist (on Richard Horsman’s excellent Post Grad Diploma at Trinity and All Saints in Leeds) and worked reporting stories and reading bulletins for stations mainly in the North East including Metro Radio and Galaxy 105/6 from 1998-2006.

It’s a pleasure to now be doing radio from my stand point as a poet and stand-up, but I always bring my inner radio journalist with me, whether presenting Pick of the Week, doing a poem or comedy commission for Radio 3’s The Verb or talking about 30 years of Die Hard on Front Row.

My series comedy series The Price of Happiness about things I don’t want, aired on Radio 4 in 2015 and 2017. It was produced by comedian Mark Watson and producer Lianne Coop’s production company Impatient Productions. The first series is still on iPlayer.

The Price of Happiness Series 1.

(One of the shows in series two drew on my PhD research into how stand up performance can be a way of resisting stereotypes about Northern English regional identity, class and gender. One of the shows in the first series was about me not wanting children. This is still a controversial topic to address and comedy felt like a good medium for it. The script was used as the basis for a recurring thread in a documentary film about women who don’t want children, made by Suica films.

Film trailer here. 


Other radio credits include:

Front Row, R4 (commissioned live poem to celebrate 40 years of the show, and a commissioned opinion piece about Die Hard)

The Verb, R3: I am a regular contributor to this cabaret of the spoken word.

(Recent episodes; in both my piece opened- “What’s In a Name” Play Episode and “Failure for Writers” Play episode

Live recording for The Verb


Saturday Live Radio 4: I was a regular contributor, writing gently subversive topical poems for the show from 2007-2014 Poets archive

From Fact to Fiction: R4 Myself and Salena Godden co-wrote a 15 minute drama-poetry piece responding to a topical news item about tax avoidance harming developing countries.

Arthur Smith’s Balham Bash Radio 4

Woman’s Hour Radio 4 Live show from Hull 2017 inc my Womanifesto poem

The Wondermentalist Cabaret Radio 4

Poetry Slam Radio 4 2007 – the thing that led to all the other radio.



NOT the social anthropologist. Though confusingly I did an ethnographic PhD.

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