Comedy is part of all the things I do- but it’s also an element in itself, most often when I’ve done my solo stand-up shows.  I’ve also done paid gigs for Agraman, the Stand Comedy Club, Kill for a Seat comedy clubs and lots of North East comedy clubs which now no longer exist. I’ve done my stand-up sets on the ITV shows “Take the Mike” and “Stand Up Britain”. I didn’t do club sets for a long time as I was busy with stand-up poetry (which pays better…) but am back doing them now. My persona is warm and friendly with an undercurrent of being annoyed at unquestioned ideas of how people are supposed to be.

The second series of “The Price of Happiness” for Radio 4 was broadcast in June 2017. This was two shows about things I don’t want, or am not sure if I want; to be middle class and to have a Hollywood body. Audiences will help me decide if the cost is worth it…

The previous two shows about me not wanting to have kids or a big white wedding were broadcast after the Archers on two Sunday nights in June 2015 on Radio 4. iPlayer shows here. .

The first one particularly has created debate (I imagine it would have created more if it wasn’t in the form of a stand-up show but that’s another story). It came out of a show I took to the Edinburgh Fringe, Glasgow International Comedy Festival and Leicester Comedy Festival in 2013. I’ve subsequently performed it as part of Manchester Metropolitan University’s Wonder Woman Festival event series and a Spanish film company, Suica Films are including excerpts in their feature documentary about child-free women, Film trailer here. 






I’ll tuck this away in a corner of the website for now, but in my comedy I’m often not quite identifying with and not quite resisting certain ways of doing stand-up, being a woman, being a northerner and various other identities. Queer theorist Jose Esteban Munoz has defined this as “Disidentification”. More on that here.