Conference Poet

I am quite often asked to document or summarise an event or conference in poetic form.

I’ve recently done this for Arts Council England (several times) and Cultural Forum North

I enjoy it because it’s a combination of my skills as poet, journalist and performer.

Kate Fox-Recent Plenary Poem Testimonials:

“Everybody’s in complete agreement that you clearly have a magical power to be able to summarise and appraise long and complex days in such lyrical fashion.”
– Nick Malyan, Bridge North East

“We’ve had fantastic feedback from delegates about the creative documentation of the events, and many comments on how your poems have cut to the chase and reflected our conversations back at us – all really valuable!”
Louise Taylor, Project Co ordinator, Creative Case North
(Creative Case video here:

“There’s always lots of praise for your summing up poems in our feedback. Lots of mentions again. Just picking one up from the top of the pile- Kate! Wow! What a plenary! Send me her details’.”
Vicky Sturrs, Schools and Colleges Programmer, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

(A link to a different schools network CPD day poem:

“No need for me to say you were brilliant at the Symposium on Tuesday. Twitter at the time made that completely obvious. Can I say a huge personal thank you for all that you did – bringing energy, thoughtfulness and humour to the event and galvanizing over 160 people (no easy feat)”.
Lesley Patrick, Cultural Forum North

(Poem here:

“Your summing up poem at the end was definitely one of the highlights of the day. We’ve asked for feedback from staff on the various bits of the event. 67% thought your contribution was ‘Excellent’ with a further 22% saying ‘Good’; I don’t think you could wish for better scores than that! I think Baz hit the nail on the head when he said you understand what we’re trying to do better than we do.”

Toby Ross, Manager Internal Communications and Planning, Arts Council England


NOT the social anthropologist. Though confusingly I did an ethnographic PhD.

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