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The Take, a poem after the riots.

Take my word, they took us for a ride,
now you’ve got to take a side.
They took their leave, now their leave’s been taken,
They’re taking control, over, charge.
Take note of the decisions they’re taking.
Take your chances or have your chances taken.
Take off, take up, take out, try not to be mistaken.
Take a break, take on me, take a leak,
Take your time, take a kick, take a peek.
Take care, take heart, take it in, take it apart.
Take stock,-not that stock-take a pill, take a look.
Takings are down, takings are up.
Taking your stuff, your livelihood, your will to live-

something’s got to give.

Clearing Up

Beat eggs not people,
Draw trees not guns,
Set fire to your imagination,
Smash taboos, steal puns.
Harness hordes with Haiku
on BBM and Twitter,
Join in the fluting,
set the streets on glitter.
Don’t waste 9 grand on a Uni course
with Martin Amis and A.S Byatt in,
shell out for the next vocational must,
an MA in Creative Rioting.